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Image of a CT6 five-link rear suspension
05 Sep

Car Suspension Systems Explained

One of the most overlooked systems on a vehicle is the chassis and suspension system. The chassis provides the structure that ties the suspension and steering components to the vehicle. The proper function of the chassis systems provides the driver with comfort, safety, and driving performance. Chassis systems have evolved to balance the requirements of […]

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Image of an oxygen sensor and air fuel ratio sensors
05 Aug

The Role of Oxygen Sensors in Engine Performance

With the increased concern for energy conservation and cleaner air, better control of the engine combustion process became necessary. Now, Oxygen Sensors are used in all internal combustion engine fuel control systems. What Do These Sensors Do? The Oxygen Sensor is used to adjust and maintain desired engine air/fuel mixtures to better control exhaust emissions […]

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Image of pistols with gasoline and diesel fuel at a car gas station
07 Jul

Diesel Emissions of Passenger Cars

With many of the worlds largest car manufacturers in the eyesight of regulators for their misleading published emissions output figures, we would like to share some information about the topic. Presently, the main driving standard for emissions output by vehicle powertrains are the US EPA Tier 2 and California LEV-II ULEV regulations. In 1999, the […]

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Image of vehicle alignment services
07 Nov

Why Do Alignment Angles Change?

The alignment angles of a car or truck do not just change randomly for no reason. A relationship between both internal and external forces results in the altering of a vehicle’s suspension geometry. Each of the principal alignment angles, measured at all 4 corners of the vehicle, capture the state of health of its steering […]

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Brake pad and rotor bed-in process shown at Hollenshades Auto Service in Baltimore MD
23 Jun

Brake Pad and Rotor Bed-In

In 2015, the automotive industry, EPA, and U.S. states agreed to reduce the use of copper and other materials in motor vehicle brake pads. This agreement calls for reducing copper in brake pads to less than 5% by weight in 2021, and 0.5% by 2025. Typically, a brake pad is made from a mixture of […]

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Close-up Detail View Of Bottom Car Part With Rusty Broken Suspension
13 Jun

Things You Need to Know About Vehicle Suspension

Your car’s suspension maximizes friction between the vehicle itself and the road. The health and proper function of your vehicle suspension is critical to safe operation. Check out this guide to everything you need to know about vehicle suspension from the expert Baltimore mechanics at Hollenshade’s. Bushings Hydraulic bushings have chambers and valves to help […]

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Up close image of a cracked tire
08 Jun

Why Rubber Cracks on Tires and How to Prevent It

Over time, tires are exposed to precipitation, brake dust, chemicals, sunlight, and temperature fluctuation from summer to winter. While tires have anti-aging chemicals within the rubber to help protect them, exposure to these elements can cause rubber to lose some of its elasticity, which then causes the surface to age and crack. Under normal circumstances, […]

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Image of vehicle brake services
07 May

Four Ways to Make Brakes Last Longer

Anyone who’s ever worked as a car mechanic has seen what happens when people forget to replace the brake pads and brake hardware at the intended time. Sometimes the pad is worn so badly that the metal plate has slipped off the caliper, causing it to overextend and lock the wheels. Sometimes the piston shatters […]

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A mechainc with a new tire
12 Apr

Choosing the Right Tires for Your Car

Selecting tires for your car is an important choice. Tires need to be quality, durable, and appropriate for your specific vehicle in order to last a long time. There are a few things all drivers should consider before buying. Read on for more on choosing the right tires for your car. Tire Size First, consult […]

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Shock absorber mount image on Hollenshade's automotive services website
20 Dec

What You Should Know About Shock and Strut Mounts

Shocks are one of the most overlooked components on modern vehicles. All of us can take for granted how amazing vehicles of the last few decades ride and handle compared to generations past. Shocks and struts are largely responsible for the performance we now appreciate. Properly functioning shocks and struts are also a major contributor […]

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